Pitching Corner

Angel Investment is a hands-on instrument that facilitates entrepreneurial and social skills. Angel investors are very important for small and medium sized enterprises because they provide more than money. They are hands-on investors and contribute their skills, expertise, knowledge and contacts in the businesses they invest in. They are wealthy persons with great business experience. They are willing to invest and offer their wealth and knowledge to owners of small and medium sized enterprises and to entrepreneurs to start or develop their businesses.

One of the attributes of angel investors is that they like to remain anonymus. Due to this attribute, a lot of ideas cannot be accomplished. To eliminate this, it is crucial to establish angel investor syndicates (groups) and networks, both internationally and locally. These syndicates (groups) and networks facilitate the process of matching entrepreneurs and angel investors.

Angel investment and pitching are not only innovative ways of raising finance for a service or a product, but it is also a powerful tool to measure the market demand for that product, as well as to collect feedback from interested communities. Project owners (i.e. social female entrepreneurs) can use the platform to achieve a wide range of objectives. Therefore, the concepts promoted by the project will be much more than a financial instrument:

– A networking instrument: helping the female owners to start their cooperation with possible business angels and to be opened to exploring wide network of cooperation possibilities,
– A participation-based approach. Informing people about their project is a must, and actively involving them in it is even better. It is that added dimension that the project will promote. Using rewards is vital to raise support. The project will help women devise original rewards, which can bring them together to potential and future clients.
– A learning process. Launching a pitching session involves a fair amount of work. That is why people with an inspiring plan can rely on customer support.

The innovative and engaging online pitching platform for Social Entrepreneurs will serve as a e-learning option on the different aspects of angel investments, its application in support of social enterprises and pitching sessions, as well as additional content related to best practices in social entrepreneurship, social media tools for improving the performance and visibility of social enterprises, etc.

More information to come soon.